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What About You? - Gallery Of The Dirt - Face To Face (Cassette)

9 thoughts on “ What About You? - Gallery Of The Dirt - Face To Face (Cassette)

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  4. doing a crime without a mask or concealing your identity. Get a dirty face mug for your friend Helena.
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  6. And I refuse to believe that there are 16 hear olds who haven't at least SEEN cassette tapes. You people seem to be under the impression that 16 year olds all live in bubbles or something. If a 16 year old has access to a smart phone, they have access to the internet, and references to cassette tapes aren't exactly rare on the internet.
  7. Start mixing your dirt with purified water. Tap water is not as good as distilled water since it can contain impurities, as well as chemicals like chlorine. Use just enough water to make a stiff mud that is firm to spread. Apply the mud pack to your face or entire body and allow the mud to dry.
  8. While you’re almost certain to experience a loss of power, and even a slight hesitancy before engagement in the power phase of the pedal stroke, even the most badly worn cassette is unlikely to.

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